I am very pleased to have Dr. Strachan as my dentist who is very patient and a perfectionist in every sense of the word. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody.

- Elenita Torno

Dr. Strachan is a dedicated dentist with a solid and creative approach to excellent dental health. Any apprehensions that I may have concerning a potential dental problem soon vanish, knowing that I will receive the excellent care that I have come to expect from Dr. Strachan.

- Gene Oolmen

Dr. Strachan has been my dentist for nearly twenty years. I got to his office knowing that I will be received and treated by skillful, caring professionals in a modern, comfortable environment.

- Samuel Phillips

An associate to whom I repeatedly conveyed displeasure with my Dentist enthusiastically recommends Dr. Strachan. I scheduled I trial appointment shortly after. Twenty something years later, I too unhesitatingly refer Dr. Strachan to friends, family, and colleagues in search of superior dental services. Generally teeth that are not my natural teeth but look natural, prompt them to inquire. As someone whose single mother could not afford preventive dental care during my childhood, having a good dentist with whom I am very comfortable is extremely important. So, I tell people: Not only does Dr. Strachan have a professional appearance and conduct himself in a professional manner, so does his staff. Everyone is courteous; questions are not just tolerated, but also seemingly appreciated. The office is clean; the highest hygienic standards are practiced. Personally, I suffer a low tolerance for pain. Dr. Strachan, very patiently manages my anxiety, while very skillfully completing his work. Dr. Strachan believes that the work he does reflects on his practice. In other words, he takes great personal pride in the final outcome. Bottom line, I like the results and appreciate being able to smile freely.

- Juanita Washington

Dr. Strachan has been my dentist for the past ten years. I have had routine follow-up visits at least twice a year. His manner is friendly, caring and professional. I've recently had extensive cosmetic work done in my mouth and the results were magnificent. My only regret is that I didn't decide to have the work done sooner. Dr. Strachan is truly an artist and his craft. The young office staff is polite and proficient in their responsibilities. The personal appointment confirmation call are much appreciated and each member of the team stands ready tot accommodate changes in schedule whenever possible. The dental offices are bright and immaculate. It is apparent that Dr. Strachan takes personal pride in his work and his state-of-the-art surroundings. Dr. Strachan and his office team work hard to develop a personal and professional relationship with his patient. I give him the highest recommendation.

- Carmen

As someone that has to see the dentist quite often, I am glad to see one that I like and trust. Dr. Strachan has been my dentist for nine years and I hope he never retires. He is easy to talk to and is patient while explaining procedures. He capped my two front teeth and you would never know! Dr. Strachan has a great team; I am always greeted with a smile and never have to wait passed my appointment time. To anyone looking for a new dentist I would strongly recommend Dr. Strachan.

- Courtney Helm

Our family has been treated by Dr. Strachan for over 14 years. He was great with my kids growing up, and we all continue to be treated by Dr. Strachan. Dr. Strachan has performed complex procedures such as root canals with excellent results, as well as ordinary maintenance at our regular checkups. His manner with patients is extremely Professional as well as personable. The patient's comfort is always a priority. The staff is courteous and responsive. We have recommended him to our friends, who have also been happy with his care.

- Miriam Karp

Dr. Strachan is one of the best dentists I have ever had. Since 2007, when I first began seeing him, I have had several procedures done including implants, fillings, and gum treatments. I have been extremely satisfied with all the treatments, and his personal attention to details and respect of your time is not something you see everyday in New York City! I would recommend Dr. Strachan to anyone looking for a dentist who is personal, respectful and extremely competent.

- Kathy Brahimi

I am really glad that I found Dr. Strachan. He and his team have always been very professional and friendly. I don't feel like an "insurance number" or a "dollar sign", He and his staff remember me. Simply put he knows what he is doing. If you utilize his services you will not be disappointed.

- K. M.

Dr. Strachan is one of the best dentists I've ever had. He's very informative and takes time to explain things. His staff are very polite and professional. Best of all, there is little wait time in his office when you go for a visit. They respect your time here. Highly recommended.

- Luke D.

Dr. Strachan was prepared to provide care for any unforseen issues that arose. He also provides explanations for any questions asked of him. Service Excellence was exceptional.

- Eudelle M.

Wonderful overall experience. Painless procedure. Dr. Strachan is excellent, caring and very professional. The staff is helpful and accommodating. Office is welcoming. I feel comfortable and confident being taken cared of Dr. Strachan. Thanks and more power.

- Immaculada G.

I have used Dr. Strachan for many years since I had a bad root canal done by another dentist. I believe its been about 5 years now and he is a great guy and a great dentist!

- D. M.

Dr. Strachan is very knowledgeable and has a great demeanor. He outs patients at ease during dental procedures which makes the experience much more tolerable.

- K. A.

My experience with Dr. Strachan has been a positive one. He takes away the fear of seeing a dentist. I highly recommend him.

- Cynthia S.

Dr. Strachan and his staff are always extremely thorough and nice. Dr. Strachan takes the time to show me the results of x-rays and other testing and explains what they show and what follow up treatment will be necessary.

- Amos C.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Strachan. Very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. I got my wisdom tooth pulled from him and barely felt anything. Amazing! :-)

- S. G.

I've only had good experiences with Dr. Strachan. He is thorough, patient, and willing to answer questions. His staff is also very helpful and accommodating - it's never difficult to schedule an appointment.

- Alaina D.

The pleasant experience begins the moment you walk into the office. The staff is personable and acknowledges your presence. The doctor greets you with welcoming words, which relaxes you somewhat, and then moves on to the matter at hand. The jazz playing in the background is very soothing and diverts your attention for a while. The wait is minimal as they respect that your time is important too. The office is very professional and I recommend them to all of my friends.

- Donna J.

My experience with Dr. Strachan has been phenomenal. I had a fear of visiting the dentist, but since I have been seeing Dr. Strachan that fear no longer exist. I recommend Dr. Strachan!

- Kevin B.