Ugiloy Hamrayeva, RDH

Ugiloy Hamrayeva


Ugiloy (Olga) Hamrayeva is a registered dental hygienist and valued member of the team of providers at Court Street Dental. She graduated from the dental hygiene program at New York City College of Technology. She additionally has certifications in administration of local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration. and laser treatment. Olga is from Turkmenistan, moved to US 8 years ago.

“The thing I like about being a hygienist is seeing my patients leave with a big smile and gratitude, especially the patients who had not been able to see a dentist for several year or those who had never been to a dentist at all. I love taking before and after pictures for patients with heavy build up or staining from coffee/smoking and showing them their beautiful shining teeth.

One of the things that I learned working with doctor Gajjar is to keep learning everyday. Working with such a great team motivates me to do better, it allows me to face challenges and to think critically. It inspires me and helps me to feel fulfilled, even when I am doing it on day to day basis. It’s definitely satisfying to see people leave with beautiful bright smiles, but the value of our job goes beyond a nice smile. We are educators as well as healers.”

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